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Github pages and Jekyll

After some years with no personal website. I felt like having a website again. My former sites has always been created with my favoite technology at the time. This time it’s different. I needed a site, but didn’t want to throw a lot of time into it, since I’ve have plenty of other things to do at the moment. So I looked around the interwebs and found Jekyll in combination with Github pages.

What is Jekyll

Jekyll let’s you transform plain text into static websites. It’s pretty straight forward to use, but you need to do a little bash magic.

$ gem install jekyll bundler
~ $ jekyll new my-site
~ $ cd my-site
~/my-site $ bundle exec jekyll serve
# => Now browse to http://localhost:4000

Jekyll supports templates and themes, so you can do pretty much anything you like. I think it’s a perfect option for personal websites and blogs. Since you don’t need to setup a database and do a lot of configuration. With a little luck you can be up and running in a hour or so.

You can find a lot of great themes at jekyllthemes.org and read more about Jekyll at jekyllrb.com

Hosting on Github pages

When using Jekyll you get free hosting on Github pages. Github pages is infact powered by Jekyll, so it’s a nobrainer to go there for hosting. You can use your own domain if you don’t link the “username”.github.io

Read more at Github pages